Professional training

After majoring in business administration at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences I completed my professional training by participating in numerous advanced training courses in the fields of leadership, communication and potentials analysis, as well as training in coaching and consulting:

  • Agile Business Development & Collaborative Leadership Concepts, Bernd Oestereich, Claudia Schröder, Hamburg)
  • Change Essentials (Heitger Consulting, Vienna)
  • Systemic Organisational Consulting (Prof Frith B. Simon, Berlin)
  • Systemic Coaching (ISCO AG, Berlin)
  • Additional therapeutic training based on Gestalt approach (Dr. Frank-M. Staemmler, Werner Brock, Würzburg and Gestaltinstitut Frankfurt)

For my own personal development I consider regular supervision (Dr. Wolfgang Looss) and peer-intervision to be extremely important. As a certified yoga-teacher (BDY/EYU) I may integrate body-awareness and mindfulness into my work as a coach, consultant and trainer if required.