In my individual coaching work, I focus on:

  • How to manage successful leadership transitions: efficacy in new roles, how to manage expectations, development of key relationships, constructive analysis of the context of the new function, personnel management, delegation, how to use symbols and rituals, etc.
  • How to master complex organisational changes as an executive: coping with uncertainty and ambiguity, how to best initiate change
  • Situation-appropriate communication techniques: how to conduct difficult conversations, target-group-appropriate presentations, successful meetings and workshops
  • How to handle conflict in a solution-oriented way, possibly in cooperation with the opposing part
  • Self-management: authenticity, personal beliefs/convictions, recognition and reflection of values and patterns, development of individual change processes, how to handle stress
  • Clarification of objectives and implementation strategies during professional re-orientation phases: assessment of own competence profile, creation of suitable application, preparation of interviews, support during transitional and orientation periods